home clearing


Almost nothing is as personal as our homes.

They are where we begin and end each day. Where we celebrate our major moments and our smallest accomplishments.

They should reflect who we are and how we want to feel…


Have you thought about -- really explored -- how your space feels?  Does it welcome you when you return?  Is it just the best thing ever?  Or do you sometimes feel like a bit of an outsider?  Did you know that energy can gather like dust on a window – making it difficult to see through the haze – perhaps holding you back from your hopes and dreams? Through Sacred Space practices, we can change how you feel when you’re in your space.  Through Design we can change what you see in your home. We can align what’s going on inside (in your heart and mind and soul) with what’s happening on the outside (and sometimes that quite literally means outside your home, too).

You know when you’re having a really great day – when you feel like everything just rocks?  Everything aligns and you feel unstoppable?  Let’s make more of those days... Through my Energy Healing practice, we can work to bring your mind, body and soul into alignment…


I invite you to walk with me... We can play and plan, make some energy magic.  It’s alchemy.  And it’s more fun if we do this together.



You know how we all have different fingerprints?  I mean, there are billions of us on this planet, yet when it comes to our fingerprints, not two are alike.  So… What if you had a spiritual fingerprint?

Working with Spirit (specifically your angels, guides, and higher self – your spiritual “team”), I identify your personal and unique combination of essential oils and crystals, using ONLY your full name.  

The best part?  The Custom Blend comes with a free “reading” of the oils and crystals used in your spray.  It describes each oil and crystal chosen for you and what impact they may have on your emotional/mental/spiritual self. learn more...