It's time to lay a gentle healing over the Earth.

Modern Geomancy and Energy Alchemy™

Historically, the practice of geomancy involved the interpretation of signs and symbols from Nature to predict future events. Traditional geomancers would cast a handful of dirt and make a prediction based on the patterns of dots and lines drawn in the earth.

(It's actually A LOT more complicated than this, but you get the idea.)

Think of how we count the stripes on a wooly bear caterpillar to "tell us" how cold the winter will be. Did you know that when all the cows lay down in a field, it means that rain is on the way?

This is folk geomancy.

Interpreting signs and symbols to predict the future.

"Modern geomancy" has evolved into an art and science that seeks to discover hidden knowledge from the Earth...but for the purpose of creating a loving, responsible, and healing relationship with our planet.

In this geomantic practice, we dive even deeper.

Into a process I call Energy Alchemy™

Modern Geomancy and Energy Alchemy™

What is Energy Alchemy™?

 It's a way of determining and understanding (yes, divining...) the delicate balance between the Earth and those who live upon it.

Energy lines (sometimes known as ley lines in the U.S.) circle the Earth.  Think of them as a net, or electrical grid, covering our planet.

Depending on our personal energy signature, living on these lines may not always be comfortable.

In fact, sometimes they can create significant health and / or emotional challenges.

I can help.

Energy Alchemy™ is a technique I developed to address "Geopathic Stress," which is the study of earth energies and how they affect the well-being of people, animals, and the land itself.


Fatigue, restlessness, lack of focus, change in sleep patterns, anxiety, infertility...

could be symptoms of Geopathic Stress.

Using proprietary techniques, I assess the land upon which you live

and how the earth energy in that area affects your personal health and your home 

(whether it's an apartment, a town home, a single-family, or farm).  

And then I clear and balance the energies

so you feel empowered to be your best self.

Assessments and clearings are done remotely, which means no travel time or expenses!  

More time for us to focus on YOU and your home.

The Energy Alchemy™ service includes:

*40-point assessment of energy issues.

*Map of the energy lines, yin water lines, and/or spirals (vortexes) affecting your home.

*Clearing of the issues.

*Full written report of the issues, how they were cleared, and recommendations for moving forward.


Sample Energy Map of a Residence


Energy Alchemy™ can be life-changing.  

It would be my honor to help you change yours.

~ Praise ~


Thank you for all your work last weekend.  We can definitely feel a shift.  The report is right in sync with how everyone has been feeling and actions displayed.  My husband was the most surprised on the accuracy of the report.

–C.N., Charlestown, WV

My husband and I can't thank you enough!  Two months after your assessment and balancing, we found out I was pregnant.  We'd been trying for 2 years.

Amazing! Thank you!!

–N.W., Washington, DC

Magic sure can bring surprising results!  Your energy shift at the lake house felt as if the whole place took a deep breath and relaxed.  And then the unexpected happened.  Instead of drawing in a buyer, which was what I expected, the owner's brother "suddenly" decided to move his family here from out of state.  They've always loved the house and the owner has generously made it financially possible for them to call it their own.  A wonderfully happy ending.  Thank you so very much!"

–L.S., Home Stager, Asheville NC

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