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You know how we all have different fingerprints?  I mean, there are billions of us on this planet, yet when it comes to our fingerprints, no two are alike. So… What if you had a spiritual fingerprint?


Working with Spirit (specifically your angels, guides, and higher self – your spiritual “team”), I identify your personal and unique combination of essential oils and crystals, using ONLY your full name.  

Sometimes your “potion” helps with emotional challenges. Sometimes with spiritual obstacles. But always with your highest and best intentions in mind.



The Custom Blend spray is perfect to use when beginning a meditation or before opening to any sacred work.

And it rocks when sprayed on your pillow before bedtime. Because it’s created by Spirit (with a little help from me) for you.  

The best part?  The Custom Blend comes with a free “reading” of the oils and crystals used in your spray. It describes each oil and crystal chosen for you and what impact they may have on your emotional/mental/spiritual self.  

2oz. $34 / 4oz. $44


When you need to push the “reset” button on your space (or maybe yourself), there’s the Clearing Blend.

A couple of spritzes…deep breath…there. Doesn’t that feel better?  It’s like chasing the psychic dust bunnies from the room.

2oz. $18 / 4oz. $27


And if you’re a healer, try the Clearing Blend for Healers.

This spiritual “formula” is geared toward those of us who find ourselves in a position to take on another person’s “stuff.”  Clients include yoga and dance studios, energy practitioners, and artists… Use it before and/or after sessions with students and clients. It’s pretty magical stuff.

2oz. $18 / 4oz. $27


Feeling the “blues”?  Not quite yourself?  Let’s turn that around.

Use the Uplifting Blend to revive your natural internal glow.

2oz. $18 / 4oz. $27

Nest Intentions healing Spray
I am so very grateful for the "Nest Intentions" sprays from Debbie at the Feathered Nest! I literally use them in all aspects of my life! I have one for my home, my child, my business and for my own personal use. In every way that I use them, they bring comfort, clarity and peace. A few sprays on my pillow at night ensure a deep meditation and a restful sleep. My son uses his as part of his bedtime ritual as well, spraying away any negativity that might bring a bad dream. And for home and business, some energetic spritzes really clear out stagnant or negative energy and bring about a new perspective. I truly love these precious bottles and all that they bring to my life.

 –Nikki L., Waterford VA


Little note:  I use organic (whenever possible) and certified pure therapeutic grade (always) essential oils. Preservative free.

  • No in-person meeting required.  Just send me your full name and let your Spirit team take over.
  • Each 2-oz bottle of the Custom Blend gives you several spritzes a day for about 6 months.  
  • The Clearing Blend and Clearing Blend for Healers sprays are available in 2-oz or 4-oz bottles.