sacred space


When something is “sacred,” we treat it with awe, reverence, and respect. A sacred space makes you feel safe and supported, like you’re “thriving in place.”

Do you feel this way about your home (or your office, or your garden)?  Or do you wish you did?  


Of course.  Brilliant.  Now, how do we get you there?

It’s a simple matter of physics that everything (everything) is made of / incorporates / or plays with ENERGY. I am fascinated by the movement of energy… and how we can move it, shape it, and shift it quite consciously. Subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) changes in your space can have a huge impact on the way you live your life. 

Through Feng Shui (the ancient, traditional art and science of using energy flow to create balance) we shift the energy of your space with intention, so that it truly supports you.  We will look at aspects of your life that you want to enhance (such as career, travel, romance, wealth, and health), and then shift the energy in ways that help you accomplish your goals.

Now think about how your space (house, apartment, office, or garden) feels… Does it feel like it belongs to you (or to the previous owners)?  Do you long to rush home just to be there?  Is it the best place in the world, or do you feel a bit unsettled…even after all this time?  Maybe it’s time to clear out the old energy and make way for the new… In a Space Clearing (or energy clearing), we will use ritual and technique to clear away anything that’s been hanging around too long.  This is the perfect time to infuse your “new” space with intentions for your future.

And we may even dive a little deeper into the space outdoors, around your home.  Environmental factors (both natural and those shifted by people) can impact you as easily as what’s going on inside your space.  We can apply Earth Energy healing techniques to your land and garden to soothe any challenges that bring us outside.  

So whether it's design (indoors or out), feng shui, or space clearing -- let's make some change with Energy Alchemy™...

I am passionate about creating a space that will make you feel at home, feel at ease, and feel safe.  You deserve to feel joyous in your little corner of our world.  Let’s have fun and shift some energy together!


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Energy Alchemy (Earth Energy) Assessment & Clearing


For an Energy Alchemy™ "Your land, your home, and you..." assessment and clearing, click here.


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“Thank you for your gentleness, kindness and abundant energy.  A new world has opened up for me and your words will help guide my path…and remind me to seek color, balance, harmony and light.” 

–Cindy B., Leesburg VA