Virginia feng shui classes


I love this definition of a teacher…

”One who helps another learn new things.”  




Way showing.  

That’s how I roll as a teacher…

I’m passionate about things that I learn, and my idea of success is inspiring and igniting your passion, too.  About Feng Shui.  About Energy healing.  About Spirit.  About how to choose the right combination of good stuff in your life…

And above all – how to begin to use these things in a way that is not intimidating or overwhelming, but feels natural and fun. As if you are remembering something that you’ve always known. Because perhaps you are.

Let me show you the way…

xo Deb


Available Classes

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space clearing classes

Reiki Practitioner Level 1

Next class -- late summer 2018

Class Fee:  $175



Reiki Practitioner Level 2

Next class -- late summer 2018

Class Fee:  $175



“Feng Shui 101”

Next class -- late summer 2018

Class Fee:  $125


Animal Reiki 

A fantastic class for anyone working in the veterinary or animal rescue fields.  Or for those of us who are passionate about animals.  No previous Reiki experience is necessary for this class.

Class forming for late summer 2018

Class Fee:  $75


Besides being one of the most caring, intuitive and generous souls I have ever met, Deb is a wonderful teacher.  I have been lucky enough to take two of her classes and have experienced profound insight from both of them.  She wants her students to succeed and goes above and beyond to make them feel as comfortable with the information she is teaching as she can.  Both classes had awesome group dynamics as well, which, of course, come from an awesome teacher! 

–Lisa R., Frederick MD


I had the fortune of taking the Reiki certification course through Debbie Schaffer. The program was not only well taught, but also highly inspirational. We, the students, left feeling competent and empowered. The two-day program gave us all enough time to learn the history, practice on each other, and still have ample time for questions and concerns.

I would rate the course very highly and encourage anyone with an interest in Reiki to consider Debbie as their teacher.

–Val C., South Riding VA